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The future of our planet depends on the innovations of today, and the health of our wildlife are the first indication of our successful stewardship, which we believe can be improved by safe population management utilizing fertility control instead of poison and culling.

Wildlife Population Management Without Killing


To provide innovations and tools for a healthier planet for all animals and people.

The FYXX Foundation will lead the world in providing solutions for better wildlife management founded in the collective experience of science and public stakeholders committed to a healthier planet for all.

What We do

We help animal and public health agencies and groups grapple with the complexities of the animal-human interaction, including but not limited to, managing animal populations without the use of poison or lethal means. Better for the animals, and better for us.
  • Large Scale Experiments / Histology Services

  • Data Analytics

  • Research & Development

  • Environmental Health and Safety

  • Public Education

  • Scientific Publications


“The FYXX Foundation has supported Raptors Are The Solution with scientific expertise and advocacy in our efforts to eliminate anticoagulant rodenticides in the food web and to protect wildlife from poison.”

“The team at the FYXX Foundation share in Best Friend’s mission to save the lives of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. Their integrative and effective solutions to pest management have made the animal shelter a safer, and more humane environment for our staff, volunteers and the animals in our care.”

“I became acquainted with Dr. Mayer and Dr. Dyer in 2006, soon after I moved to Arizona State University to initiate my laboratory as a new faculty member. I have worked closely with both Dr. Mayer and Dr. Dyer since this time. Simply put, this brilliant dynamic duo has been integral to the success of our laboratory, and has helped us to establish the experimental framework of our scientific questions to drive optimizing women’s health during aging and menopause. They have been integral collaborators on many of our menopause projects leading to numerous co-authored publications, trained my graduate students on hands-on techniques, brainstormed experimental designs and next steps, and Dr. Mayer has additionally been a valued and critical member of my student’s doctoral committee. We have had, essentially, bi-monthly or more contact as our collaboration has progressed through the years.

This team is a dream collaboration; they have sincere goals of performing exemplary science, and provide superb advisement, collaboration, and collegiality. They expect and encourage high caliber research, and they enrich our collaboration with creativity, intellectual curiosity, energy, and truly extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge. They are outstanding scientists and admired colleagues. They are changing the world with their work. Our science is better because of them. I can not wait to see what the future holds!”

Just a few of our colleagues who are leveraging our technology to improve their work globally.


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