Rodent Fertility Control

Wildlife Population Management Without Killing

Animal Facilities

Animal facilities have always been a hub for rodent infestation.  They have storage of animal food, plenty of water and usually lots of harborage for small animals.  We have learned that animal facility managers daily battle the issue of non-poison strategies.  The cost of trapping and removing rodents, extensive exclusion improvements, and morale depressant for staff and volunteers.

We have engaged in multiple animal care facility projects, including with one of the largest animal rescue operations in the US and are over 3 years into our first fertility control only solution to rodent infestation.  We have reduced rodent population levels way below 90% and have almost no activity in one facility.  We have joined with scientists and wildlife managers to measure the impact to the two Los Angeles facilities of their stunning success of the program.  We have engaged evolutionary biologists, geneticists, organic chemists, anthropologists, phycologists,  neuroscientists, wildlife tracking experts and veterinarians to produce the most comprehensive impact analyses to be published and shared with all.  We have met their problem where they are and dedicated to solving it.

After a year of fertility treatment efforts, Baldwin Park Animal Care Facility had a population decrease of 79.4%

Governmental Facilities

Over a year ago we approached the Los Angeles County Animal Care leadership about their issues with rodents at their animal care facilities.  FYXX agreed to assist them with a research project addressing an incredible infestation at their Baldwin Park facility. In less than a year, the rodent population has been reduced to nearly 80%. Staff, volunteers and County maintenance workers were patient but eventually  saw results and are our biggest advocates in the effectiveness of fertility control of rodent infestations.

21 Boston Safeway Rat Abatement

FYXX was informed by one of our  partners (Raptors Are The Solution) that there was a demolition project of a Safeway grocery (21 Boston Street) store planned in a historic location know as Queen Anne District, Seattle WA.  Due to significant past rodent infestations along neighborhoods adjacent to construction projects requiring demolition, the State of Washington requires a rat abatement program to be implemented by a Professional Pest Manager prior to any demolition project.  Simply put, the builder is required to pay and have copious amounts of poison/traps deployed on a property that is already unsuccessfully being treated for rodents. Due to the generous support of the developer/builder Maria Barrientos, FYXX partnered with Parker Eco-Friendly Pest Control (Seattle WA) and initiated the world’s VERY FIRST rat abatement project using fertility control.  The project was a complete success and the surrounding neighborhood had no reports on post-demolition infestations.  Actually, adjacent businesses reported a reduction in rat activity due to the treatment efforts prior to the demolition.

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